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SEO - Organic

Search engine optimization has become lately a basic aspect to be well known on the Internet. In particular, appear in the top positions in Google is a must if you want to generate traffic to your website, because Google responds to almost 80% of Internet searches .

In short, a website without visits is not very useful.

Infofuturo develops for its clients SEO work positioning based on the following parameters:


Process creation and revision of the code to make it clean, structured, with indexable URL and search engine oriented labels.


Monitoring and updating the content of the web :

  • Optimized texts for search engines through keywords.
  • Proper treatment of images...


External links pointing to the website through Linkbuilding techniques like that is so far the best strategy to ensure a good long-term positioning.

Infofuturo works under the standards recommended by the major search engines (Google , Yahoo! , MSN, etc).

Moreover, Infofuturo not incur any fraudulent practices related to the contracted service. Fraudulent practices are: link farms (which only has linked pages without any description , for example) or spam links (links bursting or signing up in Web sites penalized by the search engines, mainly Google ) .

The client, in the exercise of their activity, must not engage in practices deemed as fraudulent or be penalized for their domains. Fraudulent practices like: Cloaking, Doorways Pages or Bridge Pages, hidden text and links, domains "shadow ", Keywords stuffing (spam with keywords), including a large amount of links or introduce keywords in tags as <noscript> <noframes>, creating fake blogs, and generation and/or existence of duplicate content on the domain and/or in other domains.

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